CFAP-6: Audit, Assurance, and Related Services by Sir Muhammad Ibrahim

This course is part of the CFAP Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Muhammad Ibrahim


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What you will Learn

Audit, Assurance, and Related Services program is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills related to auditing, assurance services, and related professional services. This course equips future chartered accountants with the expertise necessary to perform audits, provide assurance on financial statements, and offer related advisory services to clients and organizations.

Course Content

1. Audit of Historical Financial Information:

  1. Understand principles and responsibilities in historical financial audits, including group statements.
  2. Collect and evaluate relevant, sometimes contradictory, audit evidence for informed conclusions.
  3. Analyze ICT processes, recommend improvements, and leverage data analytics.

2. Audit Risks:

  1. Assess material misstatement risks, including cyber risks, and adjust audit strategies.
  2. Utilize ICT to identify and mitigate audit risks and evaluate internal controls for cyber security.

3. Audit Conclusion and Reporting:

  1. Conclude and report audit opinions on financial statements.
  2. Communicate key audit matters, opinion modifications, and relevant paragraphs in reports.

4. Specialized Areas and Assurance Engagements:

  1. Understand considerations for various audit scenarios, such as special purpose frameworks, single financial statements, and summary financial statements.
  2. Plan and report on review, assurance, prospective financial, controls, greenhouse gas, Pro Forma Financial Information, agreed-upon procedures, compilation, corporate law, and tax law engagements.

5. Ethical, Quality Control, and Professional Requirements:

  1. Apply Code of Ethics in complex scenarios to address ethical threats.
  2. Comply with quality control requirements for audits, reviews, and related services.
  3. Adhere to applicable laws concerning professional misconduct.

Muhammad Ibrahim


Muhammad Ibrahim is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, the Co-Founder at IQ School of Finance, and the Director of Assurance at Yousuf Adil Chartered Accountants (ICF of Deloitte) with a remarkable legacy of teaching over thousands of students. With extensive international exposure, including work at Deloitte's London and Qatar offices, he brings a global perspective to education. Holding the title of an International Certified trainer as per Deloitte Global Criteria, he channels his passion for continuous learning into teaching Audit and Assurance to auditing and finance students.

Includes: CFAP-1, CFAP-2, CFAP-3, CFAP-4, CFAP-5, CFAP-6​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Total price: Rs 120,000

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