CFAP-3: Strategy and Performance Measurement by Muzzammil Munaf

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Muzzammil Munaf


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What you will Learn

Strategy and Performance Measurement is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills related to strategic management, performance measurement, and decision-making within organizations. This course equips future chartered accountants with the expertise necessary to contribute to an organization's strategic planning, assess performance, and make informed strategic decisions. 

Course Content

1. Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Proficiency in crafting corporate strategies, evaluating choices based on internal and external factors, and advising on policy, resource allocation, controls, and change management for effective implementation.

2. IT Strategy and Management: Expertise in recommending business process automation, leveraging ICT for data analysis, risk management, and cyber security, and providing insights for enhancing ICT processes and controls.

3. Marketing, Supply Chain, and HR Management: Competency in formulating marketing strategies, brand development, supply chain management, talent acquisition, and understanding the role of HR in strategy implementation and organizational behavior.

4. Performance Measurement: Skill in interpreting financial and non-financial data, sustainability reporting, historical financial analysis, and employing performance management tools, including data analytics.

5. Ethical Considerations: Application of ethical principles in business, governance, and social responsibility contexts.

Additional Content

1. Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Covers the development of objectives, vision, and mission, strategic planning's importance, strategy generation and evaluation, and implementation techniques like KPIs, balanced scorecards, resource allocation, and competitor analysis. Also includes topics like business process reengineering, change management, and venture capital firms.

2. IT Strategy and Management: Encompasses risk management, IT's role in decision-making, COBIT control framework, cloud computing, data analytics, and its application in e-commerce.

3. Marketing, Supply Chain, and HR Management: Involves management models, recruitment, organizational development, leadership, marketing strategies, market analysis, product life cycle, global marketing, procurement, inventory management, and ethical considerations, including corporate social responsibility.

Muzzammil Munaf


Muzzammil Munaf is an Associate Chartered Accountant, a Business Consultant as well as a renowned CA teacher with a working and teaching experience of more than a decade now. With working in organisations like PwC, KPMG Middle East, and Unilever Pakistan, Muzzammil is able to pracrically link his knowledge of finance and business into his teaching methodologies.

Includes: CFAP-1, CFAP-2, CFAP-3, CFAP-4, CFAP-5, CFAP-6​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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