CFAP-2: Advanced Corporate Laws and Practices by Sir Muhammad Ibrahim

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Muhammad Ibrahim


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What you will Learn

Advanced Corporate Laws and Practices is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in corporate laws, regulations, and corporate governance practices. This course equips future chartered accountants with the expertise necessary to understand and navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of corporate entities. 

Course Content

1. Secretarial Practices: Advising on general and specific company laws, compliance with securities issuance regulations, and the selection of independent directors. Also, preparing meeting notices, resolutions, and minutes.

2. Mediation, Arbitration, Mismanagement, Restructuring, and Rehabilitation: Understanding and explaining laws regarding mediation, arbitration, oppression and mismanagement prevention, and applying laws for corporate restructuring and rehabilitation.

3. Specialized Corporate Laws: Advising on and applying specific laws related to non-banking finance companies, insurance companies, and banking companies.

4. Other Relevant Laws: Explaining laws governing foreign exchange transactions, competition, anti-money laundering, and corporate governance. Additionally, understanding payment systems and electronic fund transfers, and adhering to the Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants

Additional Content

1. Secretarial Practices: Knowledge of Companies Act, 2017 and related regulations, including postal ballot, general provisions, investment in associated companies, and distribution of dividends. Understanding of Private Placement of Securities Rules, Securities Act, and Pakistan Stock Exchange Rule Book.

2. Mediation, Arbitration, Mismanagement, Restructuring, and Rehabilitation: Proficiency in Companies Act, 2017 sections concerning mediation, arbitration, and prevention of mismanagement. Familiarity with Corporate Restructuring and Rehabilitation Acts, along with associated rules and regulations.

3. Specialized Corporate Laws and Other Relevant Laws: Expertise in Companies Ordinance, NBFC Rules, Insurance Ordinance, Banking Companies Ordinance, Foreign Exchange Manual, Competition Act, Anti-money Laundering Act, Corporate Governance Regulations, Payment Systems Act, and ICAP Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants.

Muhammad Ibrahim


Muhammad Ibrahim is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, the Co-Founder at IQ School of Finance, and the Director of Assurance at Yousuf Adil Chartered Accountants (ICF of Deloitte) with a remarkable legacy of teaching over thousands of students. With extensive international exposure, including work at Deloitte's London and Qatar offices, he brings a global perspective to education. Holding the title of an International Certified trainer as per Deloitte Global Criteria, he channels his passion for continuous learning into teaching Audit and Assurance to auditing and finance students.

Includes: CFAP-1, CFAP-2, CFAP-3, CFAP-4, CFAP-5, CFAP-6​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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