CFAP-5: Tax Planning and Practices by sir Murtaza Quaid

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Murtaza Quaid


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What you will Learn

Tax Planning and Practices is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in tax planning, compliance, and practices. This course equips future chartered accountants with the expertise necessary to navigate the complex field of taxation, help clients or organizations minimize tax liabilities legally, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Course Content

1. Income Tax:

Compute income and tax across various income heads, incorporating loss provisions, deductible allowances, tax credits, and concessions.

Provide guidance on tax-related matters such as returns, assessments, appeals, audits, collection, refunds, advance and withholding tax, and minimum and final tax.

Offer insights into international taxation and strategize for direct taxation within organizational contexts.


2. Sales Tax and Federal Excise Duty:

For Sales Tax, calculate tax on taxable supplies, handle input tax apportionment, assist with registration, returns, records, audits, and appeals, and navigate provincial and capital territory sales tax laws.

For Federal Excise Duty, apply relevant legal provisions.


3. Ethics:

Describe the principles of fair tax legislation and equitable tax administration.

Explain ethical considerations for tax legislators, administrators, payers, and practitioners.

Additional Content

1. Income Tax: Covers Income Tax Ordinance, computations, exemptions, foreign source income, returns, audits, and related regulations under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and associated rules and notifications.

2. Sales Tax and Federal Excise Duty: Encompasses Sales Tax Act, registration, administration, penalties, and provincial sales tax laws on services. Also includes Federal Excise Act and rules, along with relevant notifications and circulars.

3. Ethics: Refers to the Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants, revised in 2019, addressing ethical standards for chartered accountants, with a focus on Section 600.1 to 600.10 and Section 600 (Subsection 604)

Murtaza Quaid


Murtaza Quaid is an Associate Chartered Accountant, an accomplished educator and distinguished professional in the realms of accounting and taxation. Holding the prestigious title of a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant, Murtaza Quaid has achieved the highest levels of academic excellence in his field. Currently serving as a Partner at Maven Minds, a leading consulting firm, and as a respected Co-Founder at IQ School of Finance, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to his students. Impressively, Murtaza Quaid has shared his expertise with over thousands of eager learners, making them a trusted and experienced mentor in the world of finance and taxation.

Includes: CFAP-1, CFAP-2, CFAP-3, CFAP-4, CFAP-5, CFAP-6​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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