CFAP-1: Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting by Sir Murtaza Quaid

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Murtaza Quaid


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What you will Learn

Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in accounting and financial reporting. This course builds upon the foundational accounting concepts covered in earlier courses and delves into more complex and specialized topics related to advanced financial reporting practices.

Course Content

1. Consolidated Financial Statements: Understanding and applying principles and standards for the preparation and presentation of consolidated financial statements, adhering to relevant laws and concepts.

2. Financial Reporting: Applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) to various financial instruments, fair value measurement, impairment of assets, foreign exchange rates, employee benefits, share-based payments, non-current assets held for sale, revenue recognition, leases, income taxes, related party disclosures, and interim financial reporting, while ensuring appropriateness of accounting policies.

3. Specialized Financial Statements and Areas: Handling specialized financial statements for entities such as small and medium-sized entities, banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and reporting on retirement benefit plans. Also, applying IFRSs for first-time adoption, insurance contracts, exploration of mineral resources, regulatory deferral accounts, financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies, and understanding Islamic Accounting Standards, IPSASs, and the Conceptual Framework for Public Sector Financial Reporting.

4. Ethical Conduct: Applying the code of ethics for professional accountants working in business to ensure ethical standards and conduct are upheld in professional practice.

Additional Content

1. Consolidated Financial Statements: Application of IFRS standards, including IFRS 3 (Business Combinations), IFRS 10 (Consolidated Financial Statements), IFRS 11 (Joint Arrangements), and others, for the preparation of consolidated financial statements, as well as understanding separate financial statements and disclosure of interests in other entities.

2. Financial Reporting - Financial Instruments: Adherence to IFRS standards such as IFRS 7 (Financial Instruments: Disclosures), IFRS 9 (Financial Instruments), and IFRS 13 (Fair Value Measurement) for financial instrument reporting, including impairment and foreign exchange effects.

3. Financial Reporting - Others: Application of IFRS standards, including IFRS 2 (Share-based Payment), IAS 19 (Employee Benefits), IFRS 15 (Revenue from Contracts with Customers), and others, for various financial reporting aspects such as employee benefits, revenue recognition, and non-current assets held for sale.

4. Specialized Financial Statements and Areas: Handling specialized financial statements for retirement benefit plans, adoption of IFRS standards, insurance contracts, exploration of mineral resources, and financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies. Also, awareness of Islamic Accounting Standards and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

5. Ethics: Adherence to the Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants (Revised 2019) in professional practice to ensure ethical conduct and standards.

Murtaza Quaid


Murtaza Quaid is an accomplished educator and distinguished professional in the realms of accounting and taxation. Holding the prestigious title of a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant, Murtaza Quaid has achieved the highest levels of academic excellence in their field. Currently serving as the Partner at Maven Minds and as a respected co-founder at IQ School of Finance, they bring a wealth of real-world knowledge to their students. Impressively, Murtaza Quaid has shared their expertise with over thousands eager learners, making them a trusted and experienced mentor in the world of finance and taxation.

Includes: CFAP-1, CFAP-2, CFAP-3, CFAP-4, CFAP-5, CFAP-6​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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