CAF-6 Managerial and Financial Analysis by Sir Ali Ahmad

This course is part of the CAF Group B Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Ali Ahmad


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What you will Learn

Managerial and Financial Analysis is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in financial analysis, management accounting, and decision-making. This course builds upon the foundational accounting and finance concepts covered in earlier courses and delves into more complex and specialized topics. 

Course Content

1. Managerial Analysis: 

  1. External analysis involves assessing political, legal, social, technological, economic, and competitive factors affecting a business. 
  2. Internal analysis evaluates an organization's systems, processes, and ethical decision-making models.

2. Financial Analysis and Risk Management: Covers sources of finance, cost of equity, cost of debt, weighted average cost of capital, capital asset sensitivity, and various risk management techniques for businesses.

3. Budgeting: Involves budget preparation, cash flow analysis, and financial metrics like NPV, IRR, and Payback to evaluate project feasibility.

Additional Content

1. Strategic Analysis Models: SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Product Life Cycle, and BCG Matrix provide tools for assessing market dynamics, growth strategies, and product positioning.

2. Ethical Decision-Making: Tucker’s 5-question Model and the American Accounting Association 7-step Model offer ethical frameworks for evaluating business decisions.

3. Risk Management and Finance Models: ISO 31000 provides risk management guidelines, while the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and hedging methods like futures, options, and forwards are crucial in financial analysis and risk mitigation.

Ali Ahmad


One of the most renowned and highly accomplished faculty of different qualifications such as CA, ACCA, CIMA, A’levels, etc. He’s been teaching CMA, Financial and Performance Management, Business Studies etc, for the last 15 years.

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Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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