CAF-8: Audit and Assurance by Sir Muhammad Ibrahim

This course is part of the CAF Group B Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Muhammad Ibrahim


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What you will Learn

Audit and Assurance is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of auditing principles, techniques, and practices. This course prepares future chartered accountants to perform audits effectively, assess internal controls, and provide assurance on the accuracy and reliability of financial statements and information.

Course Content

1. Audit Framework and Ethics: Covers the basics of auditing, assurance engagements, ethical principles, and the responsibilities of auditors, management, and governance.

2. Planning and Risk Assessment: Includes audit planning, risk assessment, materiality, fraud and error detection, going concern assessment, written representations, and substantive procedures.

3. Audit Evidence and Internal Controls: Addresses audit evidence, external confirmations, analytical procedures, audit sampling, subsequent events, going concern, written representations, substantive procedures, internal control assessment, and the use of internal and external audit work.

4. Conclusions and Reporting: Involves audit reporting, including the types of opinions, content of audit reports, key audit matters, emphasis of matter paragraphs, and other matter paragraphs, as well as engagement for reviewing financial statements.

Additional Content

1. Audit Standards: These include various International Standards on Auditing (ISA) covering audit objectives, engagement terms, quality control, documentation, fraud responsibilities, risk assessment, materiality, evidence, analytical procedures, sampling, subsequent events, going concern, written representations, internal auditors' work, auditor's experts, opinion formation, reporting, and reviewing financial statements.

2. Legal and Ethical Framework: The Companies Act 2017 (Sections 246 to 251) and the ICAP Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants revised 2019 (Sections 100-120, 320, and 330) provide the legal and ethical framework for auditing practices and professional conduct.

Muhammad Ibrahim


Muhammad Ibrahim is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, the Co-Founder at IQ School of Finance, and the Director of Assurance at Yousuf Adil Chartered Accountants (ICF of Deloitte) with a remarkable legacy of teaching over thousands of students. With extensive international exposure, including work at Deloitte's London and Qatar offices, he brings a global perspective to education. Holding the title of an International Certified trainer as per Deloitte Global Criteria, he channels his passion for continuous learning into teaching Audit and Assurance to auditing and finance students.

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