CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting-II by Murtaza Quaid

This course is part of the CAF Group B Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Murtaza Quaid


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What you will Learn

The Financial Accounting and Reporting-II course is typically designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in financial accounting and reporting. This course builds upon the foundational concepts covered in earlier accounting courses and delves into more complex and specialized accounting topics. 

Course Content

1. Preparation of financial statements, including statement of financial position, comprehensive income, and changes in equity, along with notes, is covered alongside accounting for business combinations and associates.

2. Accounting for non-current assets involves financial instruments, leases, intangible assets, biological assets, and government grants. This section excludes certain complex aspects like hedge accounting and derivatives.

3. Ethical principles, operating and reportable segments, adjusting events, provisions, revenue recognition, tax accounting, and foreign exchange rate effects are explored within the context of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and ethical responsibilities of Chartered Accountants.


Additional Content

1. Covered standards include IFRS and related sections of the Companies Act, with topics ranging from financial statement presentation (IAS 1) to accounting for financial instruments (IFRS 9) and business combinations (IFRS 3).

2. Addresses areas such as income taxes (IAS 12), operating segments (IFRS 8), and revenue recognition (IFRS 15), along with ethical principles and reporting standards under the Code of Ethics.

3. Specific topics like leases (IFRS 16), website costs (IAS 38), and agriculture (IAS 41) are explored, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of financial reporting standards and regulations.

Murtaza Quaid


Murtaza Quaid is an accomplished educator and distinguished professional in the realms of accounting and taxation. Holding the prestigious title of a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant, Murtaza Quaid has achieved the highest levels of academic excellence in their field. Currently serving as the Partner at Maven Minds and as a respected co-founder at IQ School of Finance, they bring a wealth of real-world knowledge to their students. Impressively, Murtaza Quaid has shared their expertise with over thousands eager learners, making them a trusted and experienced mentor in the world of finance and taxation.

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