Certificate in Accounting and Finance (Group B) Module

This course is part of Chartered Accountancy

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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What you will Learn

The Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF) program offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) provides foundational knowledge in accounting, finance, and business. Students learn about financial accounting principles, business law, and economics, preparing them for entry-level roles in accounting and finance. The program also covers introductory aspects of audit and assurance, taxation, and management accounting.

Pre Requisites​

Student is required to clear at least 2 exams in CAF Group A in order to appear for CAF Group B​

Courses In This Module

Managerial and Financial Analysis is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in financial analysis, management accounting, and decision-making. This course builds upon the foundational accounting and finance concepts covered in earlier courses and delves into more complex and specialized topics. 

  By Muzammil Munaf

  By Ali Ahmad 

Company Law focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and regulations governing the formation, management, operation, and dissolution of companies. This course equips future chartered accountants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex legal aspects of company management and corporate compliance.

  By Muhammad Ibrahim

Audit and Assurance is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of auditing principles, techniques, and practices. This course prepares future chartered accountants to perform audits effectively, assess internal controls, and provide assurance on the accuracy and reliability of financial statements and information.

  By Muhammad Ibrahim

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Includes: CAF-5, CAF-6, CAF-7, CAF-8

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Total price: Rs 72,000

Rs 50,000

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