CAF-4 Business Law by Sir KFA

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Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Khalid Fareed Abbasi


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What you will Learn

The Business Law course focuses on providing students with a solid understanding of the legal principles, regulations, and practices relevant to businesses and financial transactions. This course equips future chartered accountants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the legal aspects of business operations, contracts, and regulatory compliance.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Pakistan's legal system, covering legislation forms and the legislative process.

2. Contract Act, 1872 essentials: Elements of offer, acceptance, and revocation, distinguishing valid, voidable, and void agreements, and understanding contingent contracts.

3. Contract Act, 1872 performance: Applying contract performance provisions, discussing breach consequences, and explaining agency contracts. Other business laws include partnership descriptions, partner relations, promissory notes, bills of exchange, and cheques, along with key concepts in laws like anti-money laundering, data protection, electronic funds transfer, competition acts, and arbitration.

Additional Content

1. Contract Act, 1872 essentials cover sections 1 to 36, encompassing key provisions related to contract formation, essentials of valid contracts, and various aspects of contract legality.

2. Contract Act, 1872 performance involves sections 37 to 189, addressing contract execution, breach consequences, and remedies.

3. Other Business Laws encompass the Partnership Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Anti-money Laundering Act, Payment Systems and Electronic Fund Transfers Act, Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, Competition Act, and the Arbitration Act, covering various legal aspects in business operations and financial transactions.

Khalid Fareed Abbasi


The most decorated and experienced faculty in CA fraternity. Taught more than 120,000 students in last 35 years. His students not only study law from him but enjoy it in his class.

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