CAF-1 Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 by Sir Mutaza Quaid

This course is part of the CAF Group A Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Murtaza Quaid


Fee: Rs 18,000

What you will Learn

This course is designed to equip future chartered accountants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how businesses operate and make informed financial and strategic decisions. 

Course Content

Financial Accounting and Reporting-I is one of the foundational courses in the program. It focuses on providing students with a solid understanding of accounting principles, financial reporting, and the preparation of financial statements. This course forms the basis for more advanced accounting and financial reporting courses in the program.

Additional Content

1. Preparation of financial statements includes creating statements of changes in equity and cash flows, analyzing the impact of errors, applying accounting policies and addressing changes, and comparing the usefulness of cash flow information with profit or loss statements. It also covers financial reporting for non-profit organizations.

2. Conceptual Framework and Interpretation of Financial Statements involve applying the conceptual framework, calculating and interpreting ratios for performance assessment, and understanding basic and diluted earnings per share concepts.

3. Accounting for Financial Transactions includes recognizing, measuring, and disposing of property, plant, and equipment, handling government grants and assistance, managing borrowing costs, dealing with asset impairments, and recognizing, measuring, and disclosing investment property transactions.

Murtaza Quaid


Murtaza Quaid is an accomplished educator and distinguished professional in the realms of accounting and taxation. Holding the prestigious title of a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant, Murtaza Quaid has achieved the highest levels of academic excellence in their field. Currently serving as the Partner at Maven Minds and as a respected co-founder at IQ School of Finance, he brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to their students. Impressively, Murtaza Quaid has shared his expertise with over thousands eager learners, making them a trusted and experienced mentor in the world of finance and taxation.

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Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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