PRC-5 Introduction to Business by Sir Ovais Kasmani

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Owais Kasmani


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What you will Learn

This course is designed to equip future chartered accountants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how businesses operate and make informed financial and strategic decisions. 

Course Content

Business Organisation: 

  1. Discuss business and its long term vision and objectives.  
  2. Explain the concept of sole proprietorship, partnerships, private, public limited and public sector companies. 
  3. Describe key features of general laws that govern partnership and limited companies.  
  4. Explain businesses of exploration, power supply, manufacturing, trading, service rendering, public utility, infrastructure development and construction.

Business Operations:

  1. Discuss the role of directors, management and shareholders in the governance of a limited company. 
  2. Explain functional, divisional, matrix and virtual organizational structure. 
  3. Prepare an operational structure of a manufacturing company. 
  4. Explain the interest of different stakeholders of a limited company. 
  5. Discuss the fundamentals of recruitment, development, retention of human resource.  
  6. Elaborate on the level, role and types of information systems in business organizations.  
  7. Discuss concepts of branding, marketing and selling. 

Business Finance:

  1. Identify various sources of financing available to a limited company along with their advantages and disadvantages. 
  2. Apply the concept of financial leverage on business scenarios.  
  3. Business Ethics:
  4. Explain the nature of ethics for business decisions.
  5. Discuss the importance of core values for a business organization. 

Additional Content

1. Companies Act 2017
Section 2 (49, 52, 54)

2. Partnership Act 1932
Section 4

Owais Kasmani


Meet Ovais Kasmani, a dynamic and engaging educator within the CA Fraternity. With a teaching career since 2019, Ovais has been consistently delivering high-quality lectures across a diverse range of subjects, encompassing CA, Bachelor's, and various professional qualifications. His academic achievements include dual master's degrees in International Relations and Business Administration (Marketing).

Includes: PRC-1, PRC-2, PRC-3, PRC-4, PRC-5​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

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