Management Professional Competence (MSA-2) by Sir Muzzammil Munaf

This course is part of the MSA Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Muzzammil Munaf


Fee: Rs 15,000

What you will Learn

The Multi-Subject Assessment covers a broad range of topics, including strategic planning, risk management, financial analysis, and ethics. It equips individuals with advanced skills in decision-making, leadership, and financial management. This comprehensive program prepares candidates to excel in diverse managerial roles and make informed, ethical decisions in the business world.

Course Content

A. Strategic Management

Evaluate and advise on formulating and implementing organizational strategies relevant to non-financial aspects.

B. Financial and Performance Management

Evaluate and advise on formulating and implementing organizational financial strategies

C. Tax Planning

Evaluate and advise on organizational strategies relevant to direct and indirect taxation.

D. Codes of Corporate Governance and Ethics

Evaluate and advise on Codes of corporate governance

Evaluate and advise on strategies and safeguards for ethical dilemmas.

Muzzammil Munaf


Muzzammil Munaf is an Associate Chartered Accountant, a Business Consultant as well as a renowned CA teacher with a working and teaching experience of more than a decade now. With working in organisations like PwC, KPMG Middle East, and Unilever Pakistan, Muzzammil is able to pracrically link his knowledge of finance and business into his teaching methodologies.

Includes: MSA-1, MSA-2​

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Total price: Rs 40,000

Rs 25,000

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