PRC-4 Introduction To Accounting by Sir Taha Popatia

This course is part of the PRC Module

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Taha Popatia


Fee: Rs 10,000

What you will Learn

This course covers essential topics and concepts that are fundamental to the field of accounting.

Course Content

Accounting and Book Keeping:

1.Describe accounting and book keeping.

2.Discuss elements of financial statements.

3. Account for financial transactions in books of prime entry, factory ledger and general ledger.

4. Compute and account for adjustments for bad debts and doubtful, accrued expenses and prepayment.

5. Prepare trial balance.

6. Prepare bank reconciliation statements and make corrections in books of accounts.

Financial Statements:

  1. Prepare manufacturing account.
  2. Prepare a statement of comprehensive income.
  3. Prepare a statement of financial position.

Depreciation and Inventories:

  1. Calculate cost and net realizable value of inventory.
  2. Compute depreciation.
  3. Account for the given amount of depreciation.

Additional Content

  1. IAS 1 - Presentation of Financial Statements
  2. Inventories
  3. IAS 16 - Property, plant and equipment

Taha Popatia


Taha has always been at the top of his game. As a student, he had secured many positions and declared Pakistan’s top ACCA affiliate. As a teacher he has been teaching in various famous institutes for more than a decade now.

Includes: PRC-1, PRC-2, PRC-3, PRC-4, PRC-5

Students already enrolled: 10,000+

Total price: Rs 50,000

Rs 40,000

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